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My Town, Live with Rod Hocker

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Our host, Rod Hocker, was born and raised in Franklin County, Pennsylvania.  A graduate of Chambersburg Area Senior High School and Franklin County Area Vo-Tech School, Rod has been married for 30 years with 2 adult children. Rod has experience in various fields including Food Service Manager, President and General Manager of Food Service Distribution Company, Real Estate Sales, and Spec Home Builder.

Over the years, Rod has consistently found ways to give back to this community.  Past and present community service includes the following positions: Board of Directors Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce, General Advisory Board to the Franklin County Area Technical School, Chair of First United Methodist Capital Campaign, Board of Trustees United Methodist Church, Chair of Staff Parish, Campaign Chair Mary Beth Shank for Judge, volunteer with Church Youth and Hospitality Committee, served in various work camp mission trips within the US.

Rod is excited to take his professional and personal experience in the area and bring it to the airwaves on 100.9 The Line with his new show My Town, Live with Rod Hocker.  This is a way for him to give back to the community that has given him so much already!


Life Line (Health, Fitness, etc)

Job Line (HR, Interviews, Hot Industries Hiring, Workforce Development, etc)

Starting Line (Emerging Tech, New Apps, Young Professionals, etc)

Education (Public and Private Schools, Universities, Colleges, Tech Schools, Adult Ed, etc)

Ag (Farming-Related Topics, Ag Business, Related Activities, etc)

Community Line (Local Politicians discussing events/issues in their communities… County Commissioners, Mayors, Township Supervisors, etc)

Client Line (local business owners discussing their own business and new topics in their industry)

Econo-Line (Economic Development, New Businesses and New Building in the area, Leading industries with local impact, etc)

Non-Profit (local non-profits discussing events, fundraisers, capital campaigns, etc)

Wealth Line (Investment Advisors, Bankers, Accountants/CPA’s, personal and business tax issues, etc)

Property Line ( Real Estate topics with Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Builders, etc)

Spiritual Line (local church leaders, religious organizations discussing events, fundraisers, etc.)

All segments may move within the week based on availability of guests and breaking news. 

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